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Zumbini 1 – 4 years




1-4 years old – 45 min

Parent Participation
Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
COST: Tuition Fee + 5% Tax

Registration after start date will be pro rated

Welcome to Zumbini – its Zumba for the younger set! Music and Movement Class for 0-4 year old children and their caregivers full of music and dance and educational tools for 45 mins of can’t stop, won’t stop bonding, learning and fun!Babies and toddlers love to move and play, and Zumbini™ classes are a wonderful way to nurture your child’s natural curiosity and interests. Rhythms are part of life — Babies first “music” is the sound of their mother’s heartbeat. People of all ages, very young to very old, enjoy and respond to music and rhythm.

Zumbini™ classes are a chance to nurture your child’s natural musical abilities, bond and play together, and enjoy music and dance exploration in a safe and fun social setting.  Explore the magic of movement and music with your child in a fun, welcoming and energizing environment! Zumbini™ and the Zumbini logos are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license.

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