Rhythm Munchkins

3-4 years old – 45 min
Student to Teacher Ratio 6:1
COST: Tuition Fee + 5% Tax
This is a transitional class (non parent participation) in which the children gain self-confidence and become more independent through smaller groups and the use of circuits and gymnastics/rhythmic skills.  Munchkins focus on following directions while jumping, running, climbing and practicing agility and balancing skills while incorporating music, creative movement and hand help apparatus.  This is a GREAT class for your child to expend their energy in a unique and challenging way. On the last day of the session there will be a 5 min performance for the parents or caregivers.
Registration after start date will be pro rated

Adagio Rhythm Gym

Get ready for the newest kids fun gym activity; Adagio Rhythm Gym



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