Rhythm Kids 2

7-10 years old – 75 min
Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
COST: Tuition Fee + 5% Tax

Rhythm Kids 2 takes the components of Rhythm Kids 1 to a higher level challenging it’s participants to learn more advanced skills. In addition to classical gymnastics skills on the floor and with equipment, participants will gain more coordination, strength and flexibility through learning various exercise sequences, physical conditioning and gentle stretches. Intermediary balances, jumps/leaps and pivots, floor gymnastics, tumbling/acro skills will be developed along with skills using hand held apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, ribbon). Music, rhythmic movement and a variety of styles of dance will be further explored during each session in both individual and group scenarios reinforcing the skills and values that both individual and team work provide.


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Adagio Rhythm Gym

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