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Meet Rhythm Gym, the latest fitness activity for children 1-10 years old blends the fundamentals of gymnastics with the hand-held apparatus of rhythmic gymnastics and spices things up with nonstop dance, music, movement and fun! Started by the mother daughter team that’s behind Adagio Rhythmic Academy, the Premiere Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in Vancouver, Rhythm Gym was a very natural evolution of their daily work building athletes for life. Adrienne Arnold and daughters Megan Magid and Ashley Lonsdale have inspired thousands of Vancouver girls over the past 25 years through their work as high level rhythmic gymnastics coaches and mentors.
Throughout those years, and especially most recently, they have noticed that there is a great disparity in body awareness and readiness for sport in many of the gymnastics students that came to them at a young age. They saw that a kids program that focuses on establishing body and spatial awareness, strength, coordination, dexterity and overall fitness would be of great benefit to babies, toddlers, preschool and school age children.
Focusing on the important developmental steps leading to the acquisition of lifelong “physical literacy”, this experienced team has developed a refined program that combines basic gymnastics and active movement skills with the manipulation of small hand held apparatus and has added the energetic and fun components of rhythm based movement and dance with great music that will surely unleash the creative spirit in all kids. The founding threesome all agree “Inspiring and preparing young kids for a healthy and enjoyable future where the concept of lifelong fitness comes naturally” is what Rhythm Gym is all about! Rhythm Gym’s open, bright, kid-centric Vancouver studio is located directly across the street from Whole Foods Cambie – we hope to see you there!



Adagio Rhythm Gym

Get ready for the newest kids fun gym activity; Adagio Rhythm Gym



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