Registering with ADAGIO RHYTHM GYM

All registration is done electronically through the Adagio Rhythm Gym Online Registration on our website www.rhythmgyms.com . With each season that your child is registered in, he/she automatically becomes an “active member” for that season.

“There is an Annual Registration Fee Charged, one time per season 

when you register your daughter. The Annual Registration Fee amounts are listed here:

  1. RHYTHM GIRLS registrants – $95.00 annually
  2. ADAGIO COMPETITIVE registrants – $175.00 annually
  3. All registration and monthly training fees have the usual 5% GST added

Our registration system accepts Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept cheques, American Express or Visa Debit Cards.  For each season that you complete registration for, it is understood that you are authorizing Adagio Rhythm Gym to process your selected and approved method of payment for that season.
Monthly Training Fee
Please note that the commitment to train at Adagio Rhythm Gym is for the season (September through June – or when you register until June).  The cost of training for this period is divided up (for your convenience and ease of payment) into 10 equal monthly payments regardless of the number of classes in each month.  The monthly fee is automatically processed by our office on the 1st of each month, September 1st through June 1st.  Please keep your credit card info on file in your secure family account and ensure that it is up to date each month prior to the first of the month to avoid late payment  admin fee charges.
Family Rates
If family’s have more than one child registering for any level of classes at ADAGIO RHYTHM GYM, a 5% fee reduction will be applied to all children.


For the smooth running of the program, we ask that whenever possible; please inform us if you will be away so that we in turn can let your child’s instructor know.
Withdrawal Policy
If for any reason a student must withdraw from the program, a one full month of written notice is required and must be submitted to Adrienne Arnold, Director  at info@rhythmgym.ca.  After the receipt of same and the expiration of  the period of the 1 month notice, no further fees will be processed to your account.
After Start Date Registration
Adagio Rhythm Gym does accept registration throughout the season and also will add students (upon confirming with family) who have been waitlisted if/when a spot opens in the class. When this occurs, monthly training fees will be prorated according to start date.


Transfers between Classes
Transfers from one class to another is permitted but is agreed upon strictly subject to space availability and with the understanding that just one transfer per child/per season is allowed.
Cancellations/Changes to Classes
In the event of a needed class cancellation or change, Adagio Rhythm Gym will make every effort to accommodate our customer’s need for an alternative class. If a suitable class cannot be found, Adagio Rhythm Gym will notify the customer and issue a full refund.
Parent Viewing
When you linger in the front reception area or stay to watch, it hampers your child’s ability to focus and concentrate on the coach and on the instruction and it overall impacts on your child’s ability to get the most benefit from the classes. Once, each student is gathered to begin their warmup, parents are requested to leave the reception area – thank you!


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