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Q: What does the Annual Registration Fee cover?
A: The Annual Registration Fee is required by the BC Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation for all children practicing gymnastics in a club setting in BC.  The children are members both provincially and nationally of Gymnastics Canada, take part in the provincial and national development programs and are covered by their Insurance Policy.  The Annual Fee is processed upon registration one time per year in the following amounts for our different divisions:
Rhythm Girls students $95.00

Competitive Team $175.00
Q: Why do months with less classes have the same fee as months with more classes?
A:  The seasonal cost of 10 months of training, for each level, is calculated and that total cost is then divided into 10 equal monthly payments September through June.  This monthly training fee is then processed on the 1st of the month, September 1st through June 1st, making for a convenient and predictable monthly fee for both families and the administration of the program.
Q: Is Rhythm Gym good for my child?
A:  Gymnastics is the foundation of human movement and provides the building blocks for development in all other sports. Gymnastics teaches children large and fine motor control, improves dexterity and co-ordination, develops strong balance and flexibility and creates a pathway in their young minds and hearts for future fitness.  It also helps children to listen carefully and follow directions, while fostering social interaction with peers in a positive environment. So whether your child aspires to be a gymnast or an astronaut, a hockey player or a ballerina, gymnastics provides a strong foundation for an active life.


Q: How do I register my child?
A:  Registration for all of our programs is completed accurately and securely online by you. If you need assistance or have questions during the process, please email info@rhythmgyms.com


Q: What are my payment options?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, or bank debit through our secure online payment system only, no cheques or cash.


Q: Where can I park my car?
A: The Canada Way location has a free parking lot directly behind the facility as well as one directly in front.


Q: What does my child wear?
A: Students will be outfitted within the first few weeks of joining with a 2 piece training uniform (shorts/tanktop) that they are to wear to training each week.   Remove jewelry and shoes/socks before entering carpet.  Students hair must be tied back off face (either in a secure bun, ponytail or braid).  Please secure stray hair away from face with hair clips.  We want the students to look groomed with hair always out of the way so as not to be distracting during practiceJ
Q: Are parents allowed to watch while their children are attending class?

A:   The presence of family members viewing the class only creates a big distraction for your child and the other children in class by shifting the child’s focus from their Coach and her instructions….to you, the parentJ.  Please leave the students to enjoy and gain the most from their time at Rhythm Gym. This is essential for their learning and progress.

 Q: What is the makeup policy for missed classes due to illness?

A : *NOTE: there are no makeup options for missed classes due to school or family trips or other activities.


Q: What is the student/teacher ratio?

A:  The student teacher ratio is  MAXIMUM 10:1 for all Adagio RHYTHM GIRL rhythmic gymnastics classes.




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