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Rhythm Gym is a brand new physical activity developed by Megan Magid, Ashley Lonsdale and Adrienne Arnold, founders of Vancouver and Burnaby’s Adagio Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy www.internationalrhythmics.com. A mother/daughters team, Megan, Ashley and Adrienne have always believed in the power of positive activities and sport for children and have been pioneers in delivering top notch rhythmic gymnastics competitive training to Vancouver families for over 25 years.


Once Megan, a NCCP Level 4 Coach for Rhythmic Gymnastics with over 25 of coaching, had children of her own she began looking for fun, engaging activities for her young son and daughter which included aspects of dance, music, gymnastics all in one. Seeing that there was a void in the market for a physical activity which would combine her children’s love of moving to music, running, jumping, along with active and creative play using both hand held and floor apparatus, the seed was planted and Rhythm Gyms for Kids was born. Rhythm Gym is a unique play based Recreational Sport Development Activity that deftly incorporates the important concepts of “physical literacy” with a focus on developing body awareness and a love of active movement.


What is Rhythm Gym


It is an exciting program for young children that will deliver a positive and productive experience and one which will prepare kids physically, mentally and socially for any future activity or sport they may wish to explore. Through selective use of floor and hand held apparatus, movement exercises and creative play, the program will provide incremental and age appropriate physical development for boys and girls aged one year through ten years.


Rhythm Gym’s Goal


The aim of the program is to assist and inspire children in the development of a life-long love for healthy, creative and enjoyable physical activity. By following through the developmental levels in the program, children will develop confidence, muscle coordination, spatial and movement awareness, a sense of musicality, body strength and mental and physical agility. In addition, childr en will acquire a sense of teamwork and an ability to move their bodies naturally and with ease.


Benefits of RHYTHM GYM classes for kids:


• RHYTHM GYM classes are inclusive and non-competitive. Kids are encouraged to move at their own unique level and ability, whatever that may be.


• RHYTHM GYM builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness. Kids are encouraged to be creative and uniquely themselves.


• RHYTHM GYM improves focus, concentration, memorization, listening and team work skills.


• RHYTHM GYM develops physical fitness, such as rhythm, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, hand-eye coordination which compliment other physical activities enjoyed by kids.


• RHYTHM GYM is fun, engaging and playful!


Rhythm Gym

Get ready for Vancouver's newest kids fun gym activity; RhythmGym Vancouver



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