ADAGIO RHYTHM GYM was founded by Megan Magid, Ashley Lonsdale and Adrienne Arnold in 2016 . These three ladies (two daughters and their mom) have been involved in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics since 1984. They are also the owners of the very successful and long established ADAGIO RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS ACADEMY in Vancouver, founded there in 1990. Back then, there was little development here in BC and in other parts of Canada and so Adagio was well in the forefront of innovation and new ideas for the sport in BC and beyond. Over the years the sport has seen a lot of growth and improvement both in BC and in Canada and Adagio gymnasts have been leading the way and continue to this day! Indeed, the program has produced many top national and international level champions in addition to the thousands of young students they have inspired at both the Recreational and Competitive ends of the sport.  The doors to the new ADAGIO RHYTHM GYM, at 3732 Canada Way, Burnaby were opened in the Fall of 2017 and gradually by word of mouth and a growing reputation for quality programs, the program is becoming very popular in the community.


There are two separate types of gymnastics based training focus , that offers all ages a chance to get active and keep “active for life”.

1. RHYTHM GIRLS: A recreational skill development program for girls 4 years to 13 years of age. Rhythm Girls 1, 2, 3 (Performance Group) – girls get to grow and improve, develop coordination, balance, strength, agility and confidence in their own abilities learning transferable gymnastic skills that are the foundation of both competitive rhythmic gymnastics development or transferable to other sports of choice.
2. ADAGIO RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: Beginner and Intermediate competitive development training programs offered to those who want to develop expertise in Rhythmic Gymnastics and take part in local competitions offered through the BC Rhythmic Gymnastics sports federation.


Adagio Rhythm Gym

Get ready for the newest kids fun gym activity; Adagio Rhythm Gym



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